How To Cook A Delicious Pot Roast With Very Little Effort

Savoring a succulent roast on a chilly winter or fall evening is the most delectable thing ever. It becomes a fantastic dinner when accompanied by potatoes and fresh vegetables. Don’t be scared; if you follow these guidelines, roasting a roast will be a piece of cake.

First, get yourself a chuck roast.


Second, throw the chuck roast into the slow cooker.

Thirdly, finish by topping with Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.

Phase 4: Finish by topping with McCormick Au Jus Gravy Mix.

Step 5: Top with a butterstick.

Step 6: Top with about five pepperoncini peppers (found in a jar).

In Step 7, leave out the water. Tend to the slow cooker for around eight hours.

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