Super macio bolinho with sequinho de chuva

Get ready to be swept away by an atmosphere of irresistible scents and flavors that awaken sensual memories. Our culinary adventure today will take us on a journey behind the scenes of a comforting classic: the super macio loaf.

This is more than just a recipe; it’s an invitation to discover the magic of cooking by turning ordinary ingredients into an iguaria that stands the test of time.

The Magic of Simple Ingredients: The potential to create a real dessert for the palate is hidden in the simplicity of the initial ingredients – eggs, sugar, milk, corn flour, and fermented yeast for dough.

This seemingly common combination will become a fluffy and airy mass, ready to become the star of our afternoon launch.


Two eggs

1/2 cup of sugar (using 240 milliliters of sugar)

1 cup of room temperature milk

2.5 tablespoons of rice flour

1 cup of fermented soup in a chemical broth for foaming


Making the Meal:

Masture the eggs and sugar in a bowl.

Mix well after adding the milk at room temperature.

Eventually, add the flour and mix constantly with the rice.

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