Smooth and Creamy Homemade Cream Cheese with Two

I made this dish for a school assignment and thought you would enjoy it.  I chose to produce a cream with oil infused with calendula since I adore the plant (especially its distinctive yellowish hue).

To name a few common uses for calendula cream as a wound healing agent:

Cuts, scratches, burns, and scales on the skin

Skin conditions (such as sores, blisters, psoriasis, eczema, pruritus, and ulcers)

The cream’s preparation:


3/4 cup of oil infused with calendula officinalis, often known as marigolds

coconut oil, 1/3 cup

beeswax, half an ounce

– Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and melt over low heat (using the mixture from Step 1).

Third, transfer the mixture to a blender and let it cool until it reaches room temperature, at which point it will be thickened and semi-solid.

– With the blender running on high speed, add a tiny trickle of the following ingredients

Distilled water, measuring 2/3 cup

third of a cup of aloe vera gel

To make a natural preservative, add two drops of lavender essential oil.

– Whip the mixture until it becomes thick and white (the blender should choke).


Spoon the cream into an empty jar and put it somewhere cool to keep it.  Got it done!

While knowledge is power, no two people’s health profiles or demands are the same. The health advice in this post is meant to be generic and should not be taken as a replacement for seeing a Naturopathic Doctor.  The purpose of the guidance is to give a broad framework for people to talk to their doctor about their health. Before beginning any treatment, it is important to speak with a qualified naturopathic doctor or schedule an appointment with Boucher Naturopathic Medical Clinic.

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