Make yoghurt at home


2 liters of farm-fresh milk

2 tablespoons of cornstarch

2 tablespoons of yogurt (as a starter)


Now, let’s unravel the mystery with these steps:

1. Prepare the Milk: Start by pouring your farm-fresh milk into a large pot. The quality of milk is paramount here; the creamier, the better. Heat the milk gently, stirring occasionally, until it’s just about to boil. Then, reduce the heat to a simmer.

2. Mix in the Secret Ingredient: While your milk is gently simmering, it’s time for the secret move. Take a small bowl and mix the cornstarch with a little milk taken from the pot to create a smooth paste. This cornstarch is our magical thickening agent, the secret to that stone-like consistency. Slowly stir this mixture back into the pot with the milk.

3. Cool and Add the Starter: Let the milk cool to a lukewarm temperature. It should be warm enough that you can comfortably keep your finger in it for a few seconds. Then, stir in the 2 tablespoons of yogurt. This is your starter, filled with the good bacteria needed to transform your milk into yogurt.

4. The Waiting Game: Pour the mixture into a container or individual jars. Cover them with a lid or a clean cloth. Now, the key is to keep your soon-to-be-yogurt undisturbed in a warm place. This could be in an oven with the light on, wrapped in towels, or in any space that maintains a gentle, consistent warmth.

5. Discover the Magic: After about 8-12 hours, uncover your creation. What awaits is the thick, creamy, stone-like yogurt you’ve been dreaming of.

The real magic, the secret, lies not just in the ingredients, but in the patience and love you put into making this yogurt. Serve it with honey, nuts, or your favorite fruits, and savor every spoonful of your homemade delight. Enjoy the tradition, the taste, and the satisfaction of unlocking the secret to making yogurt like a stone!

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