How To Put A Delicious Spin On Grilled Cheese

Making grilled cheese is genuinely one of the simplest things you can do. The simplest way to make grilled cheese is to combine bread and cheese and cook the sandwich on a skillet. Making grilled cheese as fast and easy as possible is just fine, but the trick we’re going to reveal will make your next grilled cheese sandwich taste a hundred times better.

The Beating Hearth is the source,

Mayonnaise, not butter, is what you should use on grilled cheese, says Pure Wow. A nonstick pan set over low heat will do the trick. Apply a uniform coating of mayonnaise to the exterior slices of bread rather than buttering them. Once the bread begins to develop a golden brown color, carefully turn the sandwich over and fry the other side as well.



don’t see how the mayonnaise is going to change anything. Mayonnaise, first of all, is much easier to spread than butter. When spreading over softer bread, this will help keep it from crumbling and tearing. Second, unlike butter, mayo does not burn quickly due to its higher smoke point. Finally, the mayonnaise’s egg and oil components set the bread to a beautiful brown and impart a creamy taste to the crust.

Your family is going to love your grilled cheese sandwiches when you learn this one little trick!

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