°250 g of flour

°125g soft butter

°325 g of sugar

°4 eggs

°1 pinch of salt

°150 ml of lemon juice or 3 or 4 lemons

°1 C. cornstarch

°75 g of butter

°2 – egg whites


1 – Making and cooking the shortcrust pastry: Beat an egg with 100g of sugar and the salt.

2 – Add the flour all at once, knead with your fingertips.

3 – Add the soft butter in pieces, knead quickly and form a ball. Film and chill for at least 1 hour

4 – Spread in the pie dish, cover with a sheet of parchment paper and chickpeas.

5 – Cook for 10 minutes at 180°C, then remove the “weight” and put back 8-10 minutes to cook the center well. The dough must be golden (if not prolong the cooking for a few minutes) and set aside.

6 – Making the lemon cream: Take the zest of an untreated lemon and bring the lemon juice to the boil with the zest.

7 – Beat 3 eggs with 150g sugar and the cornflour;

8 – Gradually add the lemon juice in a trickle, whisking constantly.

9 – Put everything back on medium heat and thicken, stirring well all the time, to obtain a cream

10 – Leave to cool and then add the butter in pieces, beating well.

11 – Garnish the bottom of the pie. Book cool.

12 – To finish the meringue: Whip the egg whites, when they become firm, add 75g of sugar and whip for a few more seconds.

13 – Garnish the top of the pie with a piping bag for example and switch to a hot oven ‘grill function’ for 1 minute to color the meringue.

14 – Keep cool.

Enjoy !

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